Hey all, I just thought I’d drop a quick line about Cinco de Mayo at Dos Perros.  For starters, in case you’re curious, here’s what the holiday is all about.

It is not the Mexican version of the fourth of July because it is not their independence day (that is actually on September 16th).  In Mexico, it is primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla because it commemorates the Battle of Puebla where an undermanned Mexican Army turned away the French forces and delayed the eventual and unfortunate end to a war that resulted in French occupation of Mexico.  That is why it is not celebrated throughout most of Mexico because it marks one victorious battle in a war they ultimately lost.

It is, however, a day that celebrates the resolve of the Mexican people as they did stand up to the much more powerful French army that had not lost a battle in 50 years.  As a result, it is celebrated in the state of Puebla and by Mexicans throughout the world, even if it’s not a huge deal in Mexico as a whole.

Well, there you have it.

So, in honor of the state of Puebla, we’ve decided to do a few dishes inspired by the region, starting with Chiles en Nogada, a stuffed and fried poblano chile covered with walnut cream sauce and pomegranate.  Also, we’ll be offering tamales filled with chicken mole poblano and slow-roasted local goat with mole verde.  Lastly, for good measure, we’ll be serving grilled vegetable memelas with salsa molcajete, which is not uniquely from Puebla, but just really tasty and we wanted to have a special offering for our vegetarian friends out there.

Andrew has come up with a cocktail that is not only seasonally appropriate but also recognizes the three colors of the Mexican flag.  A margarita made from local strawberries, backyard mint, and white tequila.  We were drinking basically the same thing with white rum over the weekend and they were amazing.

At any rate, we hope to see you on Thursday…