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September 2011


Our take on Sangrita…

Sangrita is a traditional “back” to a shot of tequila that, typically, is tomato juice fancied up with some citrus and other flavors.  And, while it does go well with tequila (mostly silver tequila if you ask me), I find it to often be too thick.

When we opened Dos Perros, we set out to make a more refined version and found the solution right there waiting for us.  When you make pico de gallo, the salt leaches the water out of the tomatoes and onions and this liquid needs to be drained off or the salsa is too wet and runny.  Well, what you’re draining off is basically salsa essence and what we decided was the perfect base for our Sangrita.  So, we brighten that up with a bit of lime and orange juice, juce a few jalapenos into it if need be, and the result is a light and delicious foil for a shot of nice tequila.

We offer it as a complimentary side to a shot, but I really suggest that you skip it if you’re drinking one of our anejos, because I just don’t think the rich, sweet, and smooth nature of those tequilas compliments the flavor profile of the Sangrita.  Just sip those on their own.  Reposados are fine, but I still think the best match is a nice silver.

We also make a cocktail called Maria Clara.  It’s essentially an ethereal bloody mary, served up, and made with our Sangrita rather than a more traditional bloody mary mix.  A clean, light drink that embodies many of the flavors that fans of bloody maries are drawn to.

Next time you feel like a nice shot of silver tequila (my favorite is the Corzo), be sure to ask for a sangrita back.  Or, if you’d prefer a mixed drink, ask for a Maria Clara.  I’m sure you’ll love either.

Tuesday’s Mystery Beer Line-up

We’ve got a pretty cool line-up for tonight’s (9/6) mystery beer night.

A re-cap on what this is.  When we end up with a bunch of odds and ends, we have a Mystery Beer Night.  $3 gets you one of these fine brews, you just don’t know which it is until you get it.  Mind you, Max likes to “cheat” and find out what style of beer you might want so he can make sure you don’t end up with something that you’re completely not into.  I also like to seed the batch with a few cherries.

One thing that is for certain, is that there’s no stinkers in the batch.  Everything is a quality craft beer.

At any rate, here’s what’s in the hopper tonight:
Peak Organics IPA, Summer Session, and Nut Brown
Stone Levitation
Terrapin Sun Ray and Big Hoppy Monster
Founders Double Trouble
NCB Scrimshaw
Left Hand Milk Stout
Ipswitch Oatmeal Stout
Green Flash West Coast IPA
Lagunitas Lucky 13 (bombers)
Avery Black Lager (bombers)

and some others that I’m likely forgetting.

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