Continuing our ongoing support of all families in NC, we’re partnering up with Commitment NC and Love for All to host a party on Saturday, March 31st.  The main event will start at 10pm for drinks and dancing.  We will be charging a $10 cover, which, along with all net proceeds from sales of drinks plus all gratuities left (my staff has agree to donate all their tips from the party) will be donated to Equality NC.

If you come in for dinner ahead of time, stick around for the party and we’ll donate the $10 cover on your behalf.

Justin Cook and Lissa Gotwals of Commitment NC and Love for All will be displaying their wonderful photography portraying North Carolina families and this will just be a great excuse to go out, have a good time, and raise some money for a worthy cause; protecting the freedoms of all North Carolinians, and preserving the sanctity of our state constitution.

So, more details to come, I just wanted to get the word out…