Dos Perros is our answer to what has amounted to a challenging compromise in Mexican cuisine in the Triangle and beyond.  One can find a delicious authentic taco by going to a traditional taqueria, but often at the expense of atmosphere–waiting in line, eating on a paper plate at a formica table under florescent lights; quaint, but hardly date-night material and often without even a proper margarita.  To get a slightly more refined version, the only other option is typically a Southwestern or Tex-Mex-styled restaurant.  It’s as if, as soon as  effort is put into the design or ambiance, there’s a need to somehow Americanize the food; that the rich culinary heritage of Mexico does not produce a noble enough cuisine to be honored by an elevated setting without somehow changing it first.

Well, that doesn’t need to be the case.  At Dos Perros, we honor that rich culinary heritage by serving classic Mexican cuisine alongside a thoughtful beverage program in an updated but warmly styled space.  This isn’t formal dining; it’s simply a step up to a place that can be event dining as much as dining before an event.