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Dos Perros is our answer to what has amounted to a challenging compromise in Mexican cuisine in the Triangle and beyond.  One can find a delicious authentic taco by going to a traditional taqueria, but often at the expense of atmosphere–waiting in line, eating on a paper plate at a formica table under florescent lights; quaint, but hardly date-night material and often without even a proper margarita.  To get a slightly more refined version, the only other option is typically a Southwestern or Tex-Mex-styled restaurant.  It’s as if, as soon as  effort is put into the design or ambiance, there’s a need to somehow Americanize the food; that the rich culinary heritage of Mexico does not produce a noble enough cuisine to be honored by an elevated setting without somehow changing it first.

Well, that doesn’t need to be the case.  At Dos Perros, we honor that rich culinary heritage by serving classic Mexican cuisine alongside a thoughtful beverage program in an updated but warmly styled space.  This isn’t formal dining; it’s simply a step up to a place that can be event dining as much as dining before an event.

22 responses to “About Us

  1. Is there parking specifically for restaurant patrons? If not, what are some options (particularly, at dinnertime)?

  2. dosperros1234

    Hi, Heidi –
    Parking is available in a city parking lot directly across the street from our building. You pay to park there unless you leave after 7:00 p.m. – then you can exit for free. There’s also street parking, usually in two-hour increments, until 6:00 p.m. After that, street parking is free as well.

  3. Do you have vegan options? Thanks!

  4. Yes, we do. A number of dishes on our menu are vegan and others still that can be modified to be vegan; just ask our servers. Thanks!

  5. are any of your menu items margarine and shortening free? Please say all.

  6. dosperros1234

    All of our items are margarine and shortening free. Dos Perros does not use margarine or shortening in our dishes. Thanks for asking.

  7. Please consider switching from latex to vinyl gloves when handling food in your kitchen. At the very least, make sure patrons know about the exposure risk.

  8. dosperros1234

    I was aware of issues related to wearing latex gloves but had never come across issues related to people eating food prepared with them. I’m sorry to hear that is the case with you and we’re actually switching to vinyl because they’re only a bit more expensive.

    That said, there is simply no way that I can pro-actively warn patrons about any and all things that I might use that they could be allergic to. As long as that is becoming, it would require a disclaimer longer than my menu.

  9. Sharlene Simon

    I have a friend who must eat gluten-free food including preparation that won’t cause cross-contamination. Would she be able to order food at Dos Perros and feel confident it was gluten-free?

  10. dosperros1234

    Almost all of our dishes are gluten free at Dos Perros and our staff is quite prepared to guide your friend away from the few dishes that do have gluten. Some moles are thickened with bread and flour, ours are thickened with ground up corn tortillas.

  11. do you have a private dining room for parties?

  12. dosperros1234

    Yes, Kacey, we do have a private dining room. Next time you stop by, ask to see our cozy downstairs space. Word has it that it used to be a speakeasy in the day, and we’ve preserved as much as the original flair as we could. It seats about 50 or so comfortably or about 70 less formally, and it has a 60″ high-definition flat screen for presentations or movies (in fact, we’re starting to host “Dinner and a Movie” night down there monthly!). Let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks for writing.

  13. Food is excellent ! I went when they first opened and it was also good but was a little too “Posh” for the downtown Durham Crowd. Instead of doing what most restaurants do and fold up, Dos Perros adjusted. They offered a better selection of items, slightly bigger portions, more main-stream high quality food and they had removed some of the more uncommon items. Service is fantastic since day one, and the food is excellent. A must try in Durham.

  14. I pass by DosPerros ever day after working out at crossfitdurham..Have heard great things about this place..next time my girlfriend is in town im there!!!…btw how are the portions? Im a portion guy for sure

  15. dosperros1234

    Gabe, Charlie from CrossFit here. I have no doubt it takes some big portions to keep you moving. I think our portions are up to the task. Of course, some dishes more than others and any of the waiters would be glad to point you in the right direction.

  16. Thank you very much for providing such outstanding vegan options at Dos Perros- it is by far my favorite restaurant in Durham! I was thrilled last night to try a vegan version of the relleno (thanks to your chef!), and the vegan sorbet (was it chili lime?) was a perfect ending. Please keep up the phenomenal work!

  17. Do you still serve Sunday brunch?

  18. Sorry, only sunday dinner

  19. I am meeting some folks there tomorrow and wondered if you have dishes that are prepared without cilantro (I am allergic; sorry to add to the list!).
    Many thanks!

  20. As you can imagine, many of our dishes do have cilantro. However, many simply have it as a garnish, and we can certainly avoid putting it on those.

  21. do you have gluten free options

  22. Can a dish be modified to be less hot or spicy? Am looking forward to eating there for the first time.