Our commitment to craft beer.
There’s likely never been a better time to be a beer drinker in America and certainly not in North Carolina.  There are so many amazing American brewers making delicious and distinctive beers of so many styles and, thanks to the efforts of locals like Sean Wilson of Fullsteam Brewery, antiquated laws were revised not long ago to allow their distribution here in the state.

Everyone loves to talk about celebrating the American entrepreneur, and here’s a great and delicious opportunity to do so.  Buy one of their extraordinary beers.  It just so happens that they also go great with Mexican cuisine.  Sure, there will always be a place in my heart for a cold Bohemia aside a plate of ceviche, but the simple fact is, the most inspired food and beer pairings require a more remarkable beer, so that’s what we’ve brought you.

Between our already extensive main beer list, our geek-friendly Extended list, our cellar program, and our frequent beer dinners, Dos Perros is proud to have among the most impressive craft beer programs in the region.  And we’re not even a pub.

ARCHIVED BEER DINNERS (click here – they’re historic!)

Some News About Beer Dinners
We’ve come up with a couple of new “rules” when it comes to creating beer dinner menus.  First off, if half-way through the menu writing process, the meal just happens to be shaping up veggie, we’re going veggie.  Of course, this doesn’t mean that sometimes there won’t be extenuating reasons why I would go into the process with the specific intent to create a vegetarian menu, this is just about allowing the organic process of letting a menu that seems to want to go veggie, go veggie.
The other is that we’d like to invite some of you to be involved in the tasting process that creates these menus whenever possible.  It’s one of the favorite parts to my job and I’m happy to share it with some of you when I can.  Here’s the thing though, it’s not always something I can schedule way ahead of time and, obviously, we can only have so many people join in.  So, we’re just going to tweet about these tastings a few hours before hand and the first few to holler back can come on down.  We tried it for the Terrapin tasting and made a new friend in the process, so we figured it’s a good idea going forward.  To get in that loop, follow us at http://twitter.com/DosPerros200.