Mother Earth Brewing Dinner

Wednesday, July 16th 

A few weeks ago, I took the short drive to Kinston and had a nice visit with the good folks at Mother Earth.  We brought tamales, the, of course, had beer, and we had a bit of a party in the tap room, making all kinds of new friends.

At the end of the event, head brewer Josh and I lined up a bunch of beers, some of their year-rounds, of course, plus a few of their more special edition brews, and wrote ourselves a menu.

That was before we set out and checked out Kinston’s burgeoning night life.  Yes, it has one.  We hit up a little place called the Boiler Room that is run by the same couple who do the Chef and the Farmer, and it was fun and delicious.  Great oysters, great snacks, great drinks, great scene.

At any rate, back to our dinner.  One beer that we’re going to have to make some room for on our list, let alone the dinner, is the Park Day Bohemian Style Pilsner, which was the star of the line-up for me.  Honestly, it’s a perfect Pilsner.  Crisp, refreshing, nice and hoppy… just everything I’m looking for in a Pilsner.

Another highlight was a special Imperial, Barrel-Aged version of their Old Neighborhood Oatmeal Porter.  Rich and unctuous, this beer promises to offer a delicious crescendo to the meal.

And if you haven’t met the guys from the brewery, they’re top-notch, one and all, and have always been great friends of Dos Perros.  They’re also doing it right.  The brewery is LEED certified and they’re very committed to building their community.

This is a company that deserves our loyal patronage.  Something made very easy to do because their beer is really, really delicious.

-Second Wind Pale Ale

Grilled yerba santa-wrapped shrimp with purslane salad and tomatillo vinaigrette
-Park Day Pilsner

Tamales con queso y rajas
-Endless River Kolsch

Mole Poblano of chicken and squash
-Dark Cloud Dunkel

Grilled beef short rib with pasilla negro chiles, fried figs, and roasted tomato
-Oak-aged Imperial Old Neighborhood Oatmeal Porter

Roasted banana ice cream float made with…
-Tripel Overhead Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel

$42 per person does not include tax and gratuity


11 responses to “Mother Earth Brewing Dinner

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  2. LaTanya Sobczak

    omg. psyched!

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  4. Do you accommodate people with dietary restrictions (pescatarians, in our case) at your beer dinners? If not, I understand.

    • Absolutely and we do it all the time. Of course, we also schedule vegetarian and pescetarian dinners as well. But, to answer your question, at nearly every dinner we do, there’s someone with a dietary restriction and we’re always happy to take care of them.

  5. Does one need reservations for this dinner? Are they still available?

  6. Same question…is there a link to buy tickets in advance or do we just show up for dinner?

    • We don’t sell tickets but reservations are very strongly encouraged. Both because there’s a limited number of seats available and both because we prepare food based on the number we expect. Every now and then we’re able to squeeze in a last minute table, but sometimes we can’t.

  7. I’d like to attend the 26-Sept-2012 beer dinner, but my wife can’t drink beer due to a gluten allergy. Is is possible for her to do the dinner, sans beer, at a reduced price?

    • Your wife is certainly not alone in that regard and we’re happy to offer her wine or other drinks in place or even, of course, just do the dinner without beer for a lower cost.

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