Highland Brewing Dinner (10/9)

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

It bears mention that, long before the craft brewery explosion hit North Carolina.  Long before Asheville, NC, home of Highland Brewing, was voted Brew City USA, the good folks at Highland were making delicious beers and pioneering craft beer in this state.

It also bears mention that, as this same craft beer movement has cooled its jets on trying to one-up each other with more IBUs and dizzying alcohol levels, these same good folks at Highland have been making delicious, sessionable, balanced, and affordable beers the entire time.  So, forgive them if they missed the memo on the drinkable beer renaissance, because they never stopped doing that.

Each of their beers has a stylistic integrity and lovely balance that makes you want another and another, which more than a flashy label or Herculean brew stunts should be the mark of a great beer.  And that’s what I love so much about these beers, why they will always have a place on my beverage list.

With all this in mind, it is of no surprise that the menu was so easy to write, because balanced beer means good beer with food, and I’m very excited about the pairings.

I also have a special treat for everyone who comes, we’ve been cellaring some unique vintage bottles that even the rep from Highland was amazed to see when he stopped by to meet me, begging me to sell him in a bottle of one of them, in fact.  So, as a special post-dessert flight, a little lagniappe, if you will, we’ll be tasting the 2008 Double Black Mocha Stout, a special edition Auld Ale, also from around 2008, and some Tasgall Ale from 2010.  So there’s that as well.

At any rate, please join us for what should be a great evening of food and beer.

Pumpkin Sope with orange, jicama, and olive salad
-Clawhammer Oktoberfest

Cheese and ginger stuffed Anaheim chile with pomegranate and Oaxacan crema
-Razor Wit Belgian White

Cola-brined pork loin with almond and date mole
-Gaelic Ale

Grilled skirt steak with blackened chile, eggplant puree
-Oatmeal Porter

Lana’s chocolate cake
-Black Mocha Stout

$40 per person does not include tax or gratuity



11 responses to “Highland Brewing Dinner (10/9)

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  2. LaTanya Sobczak

    omg. psyched!

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  4. Do you accommodate people with dietary restrictions (pescatarians, in our case) at your beer dinners? If not, I understand.

    • Absolutely and we do it all the time. Of course, we also schedule vegetarian and pescetarian dinners as well. But, to answer your question, at nearly every dinner we do, there’s someone with a dietary restriction and we’re always happy to take care of them.

  5. Does one need reservations for this dinner? Are they still available?

  6. Same question…is there a link to buy tickets in advance or do we just show up for dinner?

    • We don’t sell tickets but reservations are very strongly encouraged. Both because there’s a limited number of seats available and both because we prepare food based on the number we expect. Every now and then we’re able to squeeze in a last minute table, but sometimes we can’t.

  7. I’d like to attend the 26-Sept-2012 beer dinner, but my wife can’t drink beer due to a gluten allergy. Is is possible for her to do the dinner, sans beer, at a reduced price?

    • Your wife is certainly not alone in that regard and we’re happy to offer her wine or other drinks in place or even, of course, just do the dinner without beer for a lower cost.

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