(And it’s their 5-year anniversary!)
Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

So, five July’s ago, we threw a big bash to welcome Sean Wilson’s Fullsteam Brewery to the local scene. I think it was actually about the first time they were legally allowed to sell their beer. We’ve done a few since then and are honored to help them celebrate five years of making innovative, plow-to-pint brews right down the street.

For those of you who know Sean only as the affable head of Fullsteam Brewery, I should let you know that he was the primary force behind the “Pop The Cap” movement that raised the allowable limit on alcohol for beer in NC to include many of the finest beers in the world, previously illegal to sell here. It would not be a stretch to credit this with being one of the most important events that caused the North Carolina beer scene to explode like it has. So, let’s raise a pint to Sean. In fact, that happened in the summer of ’05, if I recall, so let’s add that to the anniversary celebration!

I sat down at the Fullsteam bar and tasted through their summer offerings and feel I came up with a fun and delicious menu. And, for those of you who have been enjoying the vegan series, I assure you that we can prepare an alternate menu for you as well.

What are “tostilocos”? Check it out here.

Fair warning, if this event is like any of the others we’ve done with Fullsteam, seats will sell quickly. So, give us a call at 919-956-2750 and make your reservation now.

“Tostilocos” with Basil Farmhouse-hibiscus shandy

Tomato timbale with purslane salad and Cane Creek chicharones
-Paycheck Pilsner

Grilled NC shrimp with mango, pickled jalapeno, and cilantro
-Fortunella Kumquat IPA

Chicken and almond tamal with mole sencillo
-Fearington Summer ITA

Grilled quail with plum salsa and yucca cake
-Basil Farmhouse

“A Doughnut”
-Barrel-aged Coffee Is For Closers

$45 per person does not include tax and gratuity