You have two restaurants, Jujube and Dos Perros. Why did you go from Asian to Mexican?

Do I need reservations?

What is Mole? It’s that chocolate sauce, right?

Where should we park?

What’s with all the beers?

Do you have a kid’s menu?

Is Dos Perros handicap accessible?

You have two restaurants, Jujube and Dos Perros.  Why did you go from Asian to Mexican? 

Well, to begin with, both cultures are very prominent where I grew up in California.  So, I ate a lot of both.  Great Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican…  Though I was working in Italian, French, and modern Californian kitchens, this was the food we ate after work or what we made on our days off.  We’d make big batches of mole or try every pho shop in East Oakland to find the best.  That sort of thing.  So basically, these are my favorite cuisines.

Additionally, when you scratch off a few layers, you find many similar elements, especially between Vietnamese and Mexican.  Citrus, cilantro, chiles, banana leaves, just to name a few…  There are many things in our pantry at Jujube that we don’t use at Dos Perros, but not really all that many the other way around.  Also, both cuisines are great at making remarkable food from humble beginnings.  They’re not about really fancy cuts of meat or expensive oils and truffles.   Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t mix in a little fancy every now and then…

Do I need reservations?

We certainly don’t require reservations but it never hurts.  And, at times, the wait for walk-ins can be as much as an hour (usually depending on what’s going on downtown).  Regardless, it’s quick and easy, so why not just call us up?  (919) 956-2750.   It’s certainly better to make one on a night you don’t need one than the other way around.

What is Mole?  It’s that chocolate sauce, right?

Sometimes.  What you’re likely thinking of is mole poblano, the most famous mole.  However, mole is actually a rather broad definition for both a seasoned paste and dishes made with that paste.  A mole can be as simple as some chile paste with peanuts and garlic or as complex as one containing a variety of chiles, fruits, nuts, spices, and chocolate.  They can be black, red, green, or yellow.  They can be the base of a seafood stew, served on grilled or roasted meats, or even smeared inside a tamal.  So, yes, it is “that chocolate sauce”, except when it isn’t.

Where should we park?

There’s a city lot right across the street.  These days the ticket taker leaves at 7 pm, so, regardless of when you get there, it’s free if you leave after 7.  There’s also free street parking all around the area that is either 1 hour or 2 hour depending on the street.  After 6pm, there is no time limit.

Some who have gone to DPAC shows after eating with us have told me that they actually prefer to park up by us, walk to and from the show, and leave from our parking lot because it can take so long getting out of the DPAC lot after shows.

What’s with all the beers?

This may be the finest time ever to be a beer drinker in America and it just seemed like a crime to not get involved with the movement.  American craft brewers are producing world-class beers that just happen to be tailor-made for the bold cuisine we prepare at Dos Perros.

While a crisp and cold Pacifico may still be among my favorite choices to eat with a fish taco, the traditional Mexican beers can tend to come up short against more complex dishes like Moles and Adobo.  This is where the spice-laden Belgian-style ales can be such an inspired choice.  Mangos and nopales?  An aggressively hoppy American IPA is just the thing.

We’ve also focused nearly exclusively on American craft beers in a home-grown sense of patriotism.  That is, celebrate the American craftsman and entrepreneur who’s putting his or her butt on the line.  I guess we’d like to think of them as kindred spirits.

If you really want to dive into our passion for beer, ask for the Extended List or come to one of our beer dinners, where a particular brewery is featured in a carefully paired multi-course meal.  Check the Beer Buzz link to see the upcoming dinners.

Do you have a kid’s menu?

We don’t have a kids menu per se, but families dine with us all the time and bring children of every age.  We can always work something out.  From simple quesadillas, to shredded chicken with rice and beans, to even some of our menu items.  We always find something.

Is Dos Perros handicap accessible?

Absolutely. Our upstairs dining room and bar are at street level, and our downstairs private room is easily accessible via elevator.

2 responses to “FAQ

  1. Do you have gluten free options? Thank you.

    • dosperros1234

      We have a ton of gluten free options. In fact, the vast majority of our menu and specials are gluten free.

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