Sunday and Monday dinner hours, join us for Dos Perros famous taco night! 

Tuesday THROUGH Saturday, the menu is as follows:


                       Bocadillos y Ensaladas

Guacamole – Choice of Classic or Traditional Spicy 5

Flautas de Conejo – slow-cooked rabbit barbacoa in crispy corn tortillas with habanero salsa verde, queso fresco, and crema 7

Empanadas – sweet potato empanadas with chipotle-fig salsa 6

Sopa de Cangrejo – “Chilpalchole” crabmeat soup with chipotle and tomato 6

Nora’s Sopa de Pollo –chicken soup, calabazas, corn, potato, spinach, chayote, tomato, chipotle 5

César a la Tijuana – hearts of romaine, anchovy dressing, parmesan cheese crisp 6

Ensalada de Nopales – cactus, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, cilantro-serrano vinaigrette and local goat cheese 6

Gorditas – three corn and potato cakes, braised beef, queso fresco and crema 8

Ceviche Tostada – Today’s fish, peppers, cilantro, chipotle aioli, fresh ginger and lettuce on top of a crispy corn tortilla 9

Calamares – fried calamari, escabeche confetti, chipotle aioli 8

Nachos – Mexican cheese, wild boar chorizo, black beans, crema and pico de gallo 12

                               Platos Fuertes

Charlie’s Quesadilla – grass-fed beef tenderloin, Oaxacan cheese and local goat cheese with black mole and papas y rajas 19

Bistec a la Puebla – grass-fed grilled hanger steak with chipotle salsa, refritos, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, onions and peppers  20

Enchiladas de Borrego – shredded lamb enchiladas, salsa roja, rice, pinto beans, cheese and crema 17

Wild Boar Carnitas – Slow roasted wild boar, salsa verde, onions, rice and black beans 18

Yucatan Poulet Rouge achiote-roasted free-range chicken, with coconut-jalapeno sauce, roasted sweet potatoes and green beans  19

Pollo al Mole – local goat cheese-stuffed Joyce farms chicken breast with house-made mole poblano sauce, sautéed green beans and Mexican rice 18

Wild Boar Chorizo Casero – house-made chorizo, roasted poblano peppers, nopales and potatoes with local Farmer’s cheese-jalapeno sauce 16

NC Trucha Rellena – pan-seared crab-stuffed trout, orange-adobo sauce and squash green rice   19

Camarones al Ajillo white gulf shrimp sauteéd with garlic-guajillo sauce, with green rice and satuteed spinach 19

Chlie Relleno – local farmer’s cheese and vegetable stuffed poblano chile with black bean purée and crema 14

Grilled Memelas – 3 hand-made corn masa rounds with black bean pureé, lettuce, avocado, salsa verde, vegetables and local goat cheese 14

Tacos de Pescado (Today’s fish) 3 fish tacos on a handmade tortilla, lightly-fried in beer batter with avocado mango salsa and a choice of Mexican rice or papas y rajas 16



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