Sunday and Monday dinner hours, join us for Dos Perros famous taco night! 

Tuesday THROUGH Saturday, the menu is as follows:

 Bocadillos y Ensaladas

Guacamole – fresh avocado, cilantro, jalapeño & lime 6

Ensalada de Espinaca – spinach, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, caramelized onions w/ habanero-tamarind vinaigrette 9

Empanadas – sweet potato empanadas with spicy chipotle-fig sauce 7

Sopa Azteca – traditional Mexican-style chicken, tomato & corn soup w/avocado 6

César a la Tijuana – hearts of romaine, anchovy dressing, crispy parmesan wheel 8

Nachos – oaxacan & asadero cheeses, chorizo, black beans & pico de gallo 13

Gorditas – three corn and potato cakes, braised beef, queso fresco & crema 10

Taquitos – chicken, queso fresco & crema w/spicy tomato-chile salsa 8

Tostadas de Camarón – sautéed shrimp, tomato-chipotle sauce, avocado, crema 12

Calamares – fried calamari, escabeche confetti, salsa verde aioli 9

 Platos Fuertes

Charlie’s Quesadilla – beef tenderloin filet, oaxacan & goat cheese, fries, chimichurri 22

Bistec a la Puebla – grilled hanger steak, chipotle salsa, refried pinto beans, caramelized pearl onions & potatoes au gratin 21

Pollo Agridulce – guajillo-rubbed chicken, roasted poblano peppers, potatoes,       queso asadero 17

Enchiladas de Pato – rosemary-thyme duck confit, mole negro, crema, rice & black beans 19

Pollo al Mole – goat cheese-stuffed chicken breast, mole salsa, sautéed green beans and mexican rice 18

Carnitas a la Sinaloa – twice-cooked pork shoulder w/ salsa verde, rice & black beans 18

Chorizo Casero – house-made chorizo, roasted poblanos, potatoes, queso asadero 17

Lamb Carne Asada – grilled & thinly sliced lamb filet w/mole coloradito, rice & refried pinto beans 18

Trucha Rellena – pan-seared crab-stuffed trout, chipotle-braised mushrooms and peppers, orange-adobo salsa 20

Camarónes a la Veracruzana – sautéed white gulf shrimp, tomato, guajillo pepper, olive & caper salsa, rice & spinach 21

Chile Relleno – vegetable & cheese stuffed poblano, black bean purée, crema 14

Torta de Hominy – oven-baked hominy cake with sweet potato, onion, and guajillo-prune salsa (vegan) 15


Please alert your server to any allergies or dietary restrictions you may have.

We are unable to accommodate more than 8 separate checks per table.



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