Classic    8.5                                  
Fresh orange and lime juice, just a dash of sugar, and, of course, tequila.  If you agree that a margarita should be tart and refreshing, you’ll love it.

Mayan Mezcal    9                         
Monte Alban Mezcal, fresh lime, agave nectar, Royal Combier orange liqueur, and house-made corn “water.” Beguiling as it is delicious, the smoky nature of the Mezcal compliments the corn and the orange just sets it off.

Mango-Cayenne    9.5
Spicy sweetness, oh you obstreperous vixen.  First you lure us with your come-hither fruit, then you slap us around a brace of heat.  Sauza, mango, lime, and a few good shakes of cayenne.         

Skinny Dip   13
For the purists out there who don’t want anything to get in the way of great tequila.  Corzo Silver served rocks with muddled lime and Combier orange liqueur.

‘67 Cadillac   14                             
And for those who just can’t get enough of a good great thing. Don Julio Anejo, Royal Combier liqueur, agave nectar and lime.

Hot Guava    9.5                             
My favorite thing about this drink is how the sweet guava and the green, spicy nature of the jalapeno interact.  Guava, jalapeno, tequila, lime…

Cool as a Cucumber   9.5           
Fresh muddled cucumber, fresh squeezed lime, agave nectar and Reposado Degollado tequila. The only bad thing about this drink is that it’s impossible to have just one…or two…

House Cocktails

Dos Perros Sangria    8               
Hibiscus, citrus, seasonal fruit & red wine, mixed into an addictive beverage.  Plan on having a second.

Passionfruit Caipirinha    10      
Though Brazilians are passionate enough we added a touch of passionfruit to their national drink.  Cachaca, passionfruit, and muddled lime.

La Perra Alex    9                          
Named for one of our dogs, Alex is certainly the less refined of the two but is love on four paws.  Bourbon, tamarind, orange, orange bitters, and, well, love.

La Perra Nikki v3.0   9.5               
Now Nikki, she’s a total priss.  So her drink has to be served up and contain pretty fruit.  This take on the classic daiquiri has Flor de Cana rum, hibiscus, St Germaine liqueur, and lime.

Michelada  6
Modelo Especial with lime, pico de gallo, sangrita, and pimenton salt rim.

Drunken Horchata   9                  
House-made Horchata, shaken with Kraken dark rum and Licor 43.  A sweet and soothing elixir.


Paul D Gruner Veltliner 2012 [1L] (Austria)  7/28 Easy to like with nice balance and great fruit.

Saint Bris Sauvignon Blanc 2012 (France)  8/30                                    Bright and crisp with a lovely polish.

Butternut Chardonnay 2011 (California) 9/34          Polished and balanced and buttery with tons of rich fruit.

Filon Garnacha, 2011 (Spain)  7/26                              Ripe and fun, but with a layer of polish that is uncommon.

Catena Malbec, 2010 (Argentina)  10/38     Deep fruit, exotic earthy flavors that pair perfectly with our menu.  

Block Nine Pinot Noir, 2012 (California)  9/34           Lively nose, balanced and rich. A classic pinot noir.

Urban Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 (Chile) 8/30             Smoky, floral aroma, deep tannins, black cherry.

Marcel Martin – Tête de Cuvée Brut (Spain)   10/35      Dry and balanced with good acidity and lots of fruit.

Non-Alcoholic:  Mexican Coke – Aguas Frescas (ask server for selection) – Mineral Water

Pilsners, Lagers, and German-style Beers

Miller High Life (WI)  2.5           
Because you’re either a hipster or simply want to save some cheddar.

Modelo Especial (Mexico)   4           
Crisp, light, but still satisfying.

Sam Adams Light (Mass.)   4           
You’ll never guess it’s a light beer.

Estrella Damm Daura Lager (Spain)  4           
A unique yeast that digests gluten makes this nearly gluten free.

Full Sail Session Lager (Oregon) 5.5           
Pre-Prohibition style lager reminds us of what American lagers used to taste like.

Anchor Steam (California)    4.5            
The first beer I ever had and an icon that barely needs introduction.

Victory Prima Pils (Pennsylvania)   4.5           
Makes you think of the classic Czech pilsners.  Nervy but satisfying.

Mother Earth Endless River Kölsch (Kinston, NC)  5 
Refreshing and crisp, with fine bubbles that finishes with a tang.

Lonerider Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen (North Carolina)  4.5           
Bananas & cloves, a subtle richness, and dry finish.

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis (California)    4.5            
Perhaps the standard bearer for American German-style wheat.

Heavy Seas Plank II Dopplebock-style Lager (Maryland)  (22 oz)  15
A big and unique lager aged with poplar and eucalyptus planks.

Negro Modelo (Mexico)   4           
Dark but still crisp and clean.

English-Style Ales

Highland St Therese Pale Ale (North Carolina)   4.5           
A really pretty beer. A nice change from hopped up monsters.

21st Amendment “Bitter American” Pale Ale (CA)   5           
Hoppy for a Pale Ale, but still less though than IPAs.

Terrapin Rye Pale Ale (Georgia)   4.5           
Easy like Sunday morning.

Goose Island IPA (Illinois)   6              
Nice grapefruit notes with a nice dry hoppiness to follow

Peak Organic IPA (Maine)   5              
Right now this is the IPA that I’m reaching for most often.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA (California)   4              
A really great IPA at a really nice price.

Green Flash West Coast IPA (California)   6              
Among the most vibrant and assertive IPAs you’ll ever taste.

Stone Ruination IPA (California)  6           
Considered by many, the gold standard in double IPAs.

Highland Gaelic (North Carolina)   4.5           
Round, brown, and so damned tasty.

Stone Oak Aged Arrogant Bastard (California)  6           
This beer is down-right elegant.  Really nice stuff.

Dogfish Indian Brown Ale (Delaware)   5           
Rich dark malt with a lively, hoppy bite. May be my favorite DFH beer.

Smuttynose Old Brown Dog Ale (New Hampshire)   5                   
A smooth brown ale that’s as reliable as your best friend.

Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale (Michigan)  5           
Rich, nutty, and satisfying.  I’m really starting to dig Scotch Ales.

Stone Sublimely Self Righteous Dark IPA (California)   7           
Assertively hoppy, like you’d expect from Stone, with luscious dark malt to back it up.

Dogfish Hellhound on My Ale (Delaware)  (750)  16
A big ale, hit with lot’s of hops and a touch of lemon, made in honor of Robert Johnson. 


Belgian-Style Ales

Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit (Kinston, NC)   5           
A bright and delicious brew from some great guys out east.

Triangle Golden Ale (Durham, NC)   4.5           
A fine Belgian-style golden made by the local boys.

New Belgium Abbey Ale (Colorado)   5           
Dark and somewhat rich, but not as sweet as most Abbeys

Victory Golden Monkey (Pennsylvania)   5.5           
Very fun and with quite a kick.  Tons of flavors coming at you.

Unibroue “Ephimere” Apple Ale (Canada)   5.5              
Clean and refreshing with tart apple notes.

Big Boss Saucey Pants (Raleigh, NC) 5

This highly agreeable saison will be a great pairing with the trout or delicious by itself.

Green Flash/ St. Feullien Friendship Brew Spiced Ale (California)  2012  7
A lovely black saison with a beautiful touch of star anise.  A favorite at a recent dinner party.

Blue Mtn. Barrel House Local Species (Virginia) (750ml)   17
Rich and sultry Oak-aged, Belgian-inspired Ale with a liberal dose of American hops.

Victory V12 Strong Ale (Pennsylvania) (750ml) 2009  16 / 2010  14
A potent and age worthy brew that shows rich apricot and malty notes.

Stone Vertical Epic 12/12/12   (California) (22oz)   15 
A spiced Abby Ale made as the last in Stone’s unique “Epic Vertical” series. 

Barleywines, Sweeter Ales

Uinta Crooked Line Cockeyed Cooper Bourbon-aged Barleywine (Utah) (750ml)    20
So juicy and charming.  Certainly sweet, but not in a cloying way.  Just a generous and warm ale.

Terrapin Gamma Ray Wheatwine (Georgia)  7
A strong wheat made with tons of tupelo honey.  Great with the Tres Leches cake.

North Coast Brewery Old Stock Cellar Reserve 2009 (California) (500ml) 32
The delicious Old Stock, aged in bourbon barrels.  Find a friend and share the indulgence.

Smuttynose Really Old Brown Dog Ale (New Hampshire) (22oz)  14
Warming and seductive with brown sugar notes.  Goes down really easy.

Founders Backwoods Bastard (Michigan)   7
Their delicious scotch ale, aged in Bourbon barrels makes for one ripe and singular brew.

Highland Tasgall Scotch Ale (North Carolina) (22oz)  10
Great if you want something ripe and generous but not quite as sweet as a barleywine.   

Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada Life and Limb (US) (750ml)    20
A big & bold endeavor using both maple and birch syrup.  Plenty of malt and hops to go around.

21st Amendment Fireside Chat Spiced Ale (California) 6
Technically a winter ale, butthese spiced ales do so well with moles and adobo all year round.

Victory Old Horizontal Barleywine 2010 (Pennsylvania) 7
Aged a couple of years to mellow out and almost turn into a tawny port. Still got a bite, though.


Dark and or Darkish Beers

Mother Earth Dark Cloud Dunkel (Kinston, NC)   5           
Chosen at the World Beer Fest to go best with our mole poblano.

Smuttynose Robust Porter (New Hampshire)   5           
As it should, this straddles the line of richness and balance.

Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout (Colorado)  5           
Rich, delicious, and with an absolutely lovely texture. Britt loves this.

Terrapin Big Daddy Vlady Russian Imperial Stout (Georgia) (22oz) 2010   16
A massive effort that has mellowed a bit with age, and I think that’s a good thing.

Uinta Crooked Line Labyrinth Black Ale (Utah) 2010 (750ml)   20
A touch of licorice heightens sets off this gorgeously decadent ale.  Amazing texture and polish.

Terrapin Wake n Bake Oatmeal, Coffee Stout  2011 (Georgia)  7
Those silly stoners at Terrapin sure make some tasty brews.  This one, ripe, stacked, & delicious.

Dogfish Bitches Brew (Delaware) (750ml) 2010  25, 2011  22
A massive and impressive concoction of imperial stout and honey beer. 

Stone Belgo-Anise Imperial Stout (California) (22oz)  2011 15
The ripeness from Belgian yeast, the nuance from Anise, framed by an impressively large stout.

Rasputin Oak-Aged Russian Imperial Stout (California) (500ml) Batch XIV 30
I saved mine, so you didn’t have to.  A massive and hedonistic endeavor. 

Fullsail Imperial Stout (Oregon) (22oz)  2012  17
Word from folks in the know out west was that this is a particularly remarkable brew.  I agree.

Brooklyn Black Ops Stout (New York) (750ml)  2012  27
Barely needs an introduction.  Among the most coveted beers released each year. 

Mother Earth Silent Night Imperial Stout (Kinston, NC) (750ml) 2011  30, 2012  27
Dark, rich, opulent, and completely magnificent.  Share with a friend or two.

Bells Double Cream Stout (Michigan)  2010  8
Lush and ripe, this is like a Milk Stout with just more of that creamy goodness (no dairy, though).

Bells Java Stout (Michigan)  2011  7
Just what it promises to be, loads of coffee make an impressive brew that will wake you up.

Blue Mtn. Barrel House Dark Hollow Imperial Stout (Virginia) (750ml)   19
Oak-aged because it’s delicious that way.  This beer is more delicious than it is massive.

Uinta Crooked Line Sea Legs Baltic Porter (Utah) (750ml)   18
A stylish and balanced offering from one heck of a brewery.  Big and dark, but still refined.

Wild and Sour Ales

Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza 2011 (Michigan) (750ml)    26
This is one of the wild ales that got me hooked on these beers.  A beautiful and light brew.

Jolly Pumpkin La Roja 2011 (Michigan) (750ml)    26
A barrel aged amber brewed in the Flanders tradition.  Fruity and quite sour.

Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela 2012 (Michigan) (750ml)    23
A pumpkin and spice ale that is oak-aged and slightly soured.  Very cool.

Liefmans Cuvee Brut (Belgium) (750ml)   18
An interesting version of a cherry lambic blending batches of ale, aged 18 mos. to 3 years.  Honestly, it’s one of the most extraordinary beers I’ve tasted in some time.  Stunning.


Crispin Original Cider (CA) 5.5
Crisp and classically styled w/ green notes and creamy finish.

Fox Barrel Pear Cider (CA) 5.5
Lush pear flavors but still a nice, crisp finish


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  1. i heart the perros nikki. can you all divulge the recipe per chance?????

    • dosperros1234

      We’d be happy to clue you in. We keep no secrets. Just ask the bartender the next time you’re in!