Taco Night Menu

Every Monday and Sunday, we take a brief break from our normal dinner menu and serve some exotic tacos in addition to selection of appetizers, entrees, and, of course, the selection of tacos that we always offer at lunch.

Here’s the thing though, we don’t actually write the Menu until the afternoon when we get in there and figure out what we’re going to do.

So, check here after 4pm each Monday and Sunday to see what’s going to be on that night’s menu…

Sunday, April 20th and Monday, April 21st





**A little note about how Taco Night works**

Tacos come on soft corn tortillas with sides of pico de gallo, cabbage and pickled onions. *Tacos are always a la carte, so mix and match or get a few of one filling, it’s up to you.

Burritos come wrapped in flour tortillas with rice, beans, Oaxacan cream and pico de gallo.

Platters are larger portions of your selected filling and come with pinto beans, rice, garnishes and corn tortillas so you can make your own tacos.



Guacamole 6

Shrimp empanadas served over molcajete salsa 8

Mixed greens salad with cherry tomatoes, diced apples and goat cheese in a spicy citrus and pomegranate vinaigrette 8

Sopa Azteca – chicken soup with corn, carrots and onions 6

Gorditas – three corn & potato cakes with braised beef, crema and queso fresco 10


Carnitas   taco: 3 burrito: 8 platter: 13
Twice cooked pork with chipotle and tomatillos

Tinga de Pollo  taco: 3 burrito: 8 platter: 13
Shredded chicken with chipotle and tomatoes

Vegetales Mixtos    taco: 2.5 burrito: 7 platter: 10
Roasted corn, squash, carrots and red onions

Barbacoa  taco: 3.5 burrito: 9 platter: 14
Braised beef with chile and tomato

Camarones Fritos    taco: 4 burrito: 10 platter: 14
Lightly battered and fried shrimp with marinated cucumber and spicy mayonnaise

Pescado Frito    taco: 4   burrito: 10 platter: 14
Lightly battered and fried grouper served with a guajillo, chipotle and tomato salsa

Verduras del Dia taco: 3   burrito: 8 platter: 11

Roasted chayote, cauliflower and squash in red pepper salsa
Steak a la Mexicana taco: 4 burrito: 10 platter: 14
Roasted skirt steak with tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and garlic


Lamb enchiladas with chipotle-tomato salsa, crema, cheese, rice and beans 17

Vegetable and cheese Chile Relleno with black bean puree and Oaxacan crema 14

Grilled guajillo-poblano chicken with roasted peppers, potatoes and queso in agridulce salsa   17

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