Taco Night Menu

Every Monday and Sunday, we take a brief break from our normal dinner menu and serve some exotic tacos in addition to selection of appetizers, entrees and of course the selection of tacos that we always offer at lunch.

Here’s the thing though, we don’t actually write the Menu until the afternoon when we get in there and figure out what we’re going to do.

So, check here each Monday and Sunday to see what’s going to be on that night’s menu…http://wp.me/PxfpW-pT%5B/embe

Monday Feb 2nd







Guacamole – – avocado, lime, jalapeño & onion 6

Gazpacho de Sandía – chilled watermelon, jalapeño & mint soup 6

Empanadas – sweet potato empanadas with spicy chipotle-fig sauce 7

Ensalada de Nopales – cactus, roasted beets, avocado, olives, & goat cheese w/hibiscus vinaigrette 8

Calamares – fried calamari, escabeche confetti, salsa verde aioli 8

Gorditas – two corn and potato cakes, braised beef, crema & queso fresco 8

Platanos Fritos – jalapeno and cheese-stuffed plantains fritters w crema & pineapple salsa 7

Taco Menu

Tacos come on soft corn tortillas with chayote-tomato salad. Platters come with a big helping of your filling, rice, beans, chayote-tomato salad, and a side of corn tortillas so you can make your own tacos.

Pescado Frito – today’s fish, lightly beer-battered and fried, with avocado-mango salsa taco 4 platter 15

Camarones Fritos – shrimp, lightly beer-battered and fried with marinated cucumbers and spicy-mayo taco 4 platter 15

Verduras del dia – vegetables del dia with queso fresco taco 3 platter 12

Pollo con Mole – Joyce Farms chicken, queso fresco with mole poblano sauce taco 3 platter 12

Carnitas – slow-roasted Cane Creek pork, tomatillos, chipotle, and pickled onion taco 4 platter 15

Carne Asada – grass-fed steak with chipotle salsa taco 4 platter 15

                                     Platos Fuertes

Chimichanga del Dia – ask your server

Chile Relleno – local farmer’s cheese and vegetable-stuffed poblano pepper with black bean purée and crema 15

Flautas Veganas – crispy corn tortilla, stuffed w/potato, poblanos, & corn
w/white rice, cashew “cream” & salsa verde 14

Dos Perros Burrito – beef, chicken, shrimp, refritos, rice, cheese-jalapeno sauce and salsa verde 14

Enchiladas de Borrego – braised lamb w/red pepper-tomato sauce w/rice & pinto beans 18



























































































































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