We put this particular dinner together with an eye out for several guests with food allergies.

Family Style Appetizers:

  • Chips, salsa, and guacamole (fine for everyone)
  • Watermelon and cucumber salad with white onions and fresh mint (fine for everyone)
  • Sweet potato empanadas with chipotle, fig sauce   (special wheat-free batch)
  • Cheese and jalapeno-stuffed plantain fritters with Oaxacan cream and salsa (contains dairy)

Choice of Entrée:

  • Tequila, lime-marinated hanger steak with potato-poblano gratin, greens, and habanero relish   (can sub rice for dairy free)
  • Chicken enchiladas with salsa roja.  Served with heirloom shell beans and rice  (cheese may be omitted for dairy free)
  • Mole poblano of vegetables and soy “chicken”.  Served with black beans and rice (fine for everyone)
  • Carnitas with chipotle and tomatillos.  Served with heirloom shell beans and rice  (fine for everyone)

Choice of Dessert:

  • Lime and jalapeno sorbet with pumpkin seed brittle (fine for everyone)
  • Pineapple Tres Leches cake (contains both dairy and gluten)
  • Traditional flan (contains Dairy)

And here’s another option we did not too long ago…

Snacks on the bar

  • Roasted nuts with chile and lime
  • Fresh chips with salsa arbol and guacamole

Appetizer Buffet

  • Mini sopes (masa patties) with braised local goat and tomatillo, avocado sauce
  • Grouper ceviche, jicama, and olive skewers
  • Empanadas stuffed with mushrooms, chile, and cheese
  • Cheese and jalapeno stuffed plantain fritters

Family style at the tables

First Courses

  • Small Oaxacan tamales filled with mole negro and chicken
  • Classic Caesar salad
  • Salad of cactus, avocado, and tomatoes

Main Courses

  • Grilled steak with chipotle sauce
  • Grouper roasted in banana leaves with Yucatan spices
  • Chicken mole poblano (chunks off bone but not shredded)
  • Beans, rice, and Mexican-style braised squash (as side dishes)


  • Churros with Mexican chocolate
  • Mexican wedding cookies and assorted confections
  • Traditional flan (a few large ones plus some individual ones)
  • Fresh fruit

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